About the Senegal Pre-Enrollment

As of July 1st 2013, all travelers require a biometric visa to visit Senegal. The government of Senegal has launched an online pre-enrollment program, which enables you to provide all of the required information for a Senegalese visa online, so that upon arrival at the international airport in Dakar you can simply have your biometric information taken and the visa can be issued.

How it Works

The payment and visa application information must be processed online in advance, but the actual visa is not issued without biometrics. Travisa will send the approved pre-enrollment document and registration receipt via email, which should be printed and carried with the passport. It is not necessary to submit the original passport or other documents for processing. Simply complete and submit Travisa's online request form.

Travisa is a private company assisting travelers with online immigration services.

Apply online for Official Senegal Pre-Enrollment 

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